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The Hidden Cost of Coupon Cards

Can coupons actually cost you more money to use than not using them at all?

Generic Lipitor Has Arrived

It will cost you less.

Generic Lipitor Coming Soon!

The wait is almost over.

The Power of Diet and Exercise

Slimming down and staying healthier for the new year.

Stop Smoking, Save Money

The economics of smoking.

Sleep Hygiene

How to get some quality ZZZs.

The Cost of Flu Shots

A breakdown on pricing and availability.

Phony Flu Remedies

This year, plan to get your flu shot!

CVS Health Savings Pass Review

Can it be a good option for you?

Lowest Medication Price

How to find savings on meds.

$4.00 Simvastatin

Are you getting the best price?

Sam’s Club Pharmacy Prices

Where to find savings.

Price Gouging in the Pharmacy

Are you getting the best deal?

Donut Hole Coverage 2011

Help alleviate the burden of donut hole or coverage gap.

Medication Adherence

A drug is no good if you don’t take it.

Acetaminophen Limits (Tylenol)

Are you exceeding safe limits?

Generic Drugs: Not Always Your Cheapest Option

Careful checking on prices makes the difference.
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