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Dr. Michael Kaye

Dr. Michael J. Kaye, Boomer-Living Director, is a chiropractic physician and certified life coach practicing in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He is a member of the American Chiropractic Association, Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association and the American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board. He is an expert witness for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and has been a consultant to many peer review organizations over the last 10 years.

With a sub-specialty in chiropractic rehabilitation, Dr. Kaye is director and owner of The Rehab Group of Bucks/Montgomery County. His multi-disciplinary clinic, which has an emphasis on chronic pain and wellness, promotes nutritional and lifestyle changes to bring relief to patients.

He is a publisher of two papers on rehabilitation of chronic injuries. He is also a contributing author to “101 Great Ways to Improve Your Health”. Additionally, he has published several articles on finance and wealth, happiness and motivation; and health related issues.

His website,, is dedicated to Health, Wealth & Happiness and he has authored an e-book titled, “From Pain to Personal Gain-One Easy Step at a Time”-a book about building a foundation for a well-lived life.

He believes that applying knowledge with action creates results.


Avoiding the High Price of Falling

Heeding dangers and taking precautions is vitally important.

Back to School

...not just for kids

Age Like a Fine Wine

The older you get the faster it goes....

Eat Your Stress Away

Without not letting eat at you.

Less Posion is Better than More Poison

Organic is the better choice - find out why.

Listen to Your Doctor Broadcast

How do you listen when confronted by pain?

The Importance of a Healthy Back

Back pain does not discriminate.

A Sweet Life

So sweet no added sugar needed!

Lifestyle Change

Small Changes can last a “lifetime”

No Pain, No Gain, No More

If it hurts, stop!

Fast Times

Is it the end of another year already?

Baby Boomers, Knees and Hips

Have you considered all the options?

Time to Rest – Part 2

Learn the importance of “REST”

Dealing with Low Back Pain

It doesn’t always stem from the spinal chord.


How to avoid this common problem.

Old Remedies are Making a Comeback

People aren’t wealthy enough to be sick

Exercise: How to Help Manage The Pain

Do I take a Chance? Why YES!!! Done the right way it can HELP!!!

Free Exercise Pays Big Dividends to Your Health

Learn some top tips on how to take advantage of this now!!!

Time and Exercise

Make time for regular exercising! Don't wait for the pain! Or wonder about the money!

The Heart of the Matter

Just because I have physical pain does not mean I have to live alone in heart ache.

Take it slow and easy!

Take it slow and easy should be your mantra as you prepare to fulfill your New Year’s resolution of getting fit.

December Drain

Without a doubt, one of the busiest times of the year - Know how to take control of the stress.

The Sweet Spot

Find your "sweet spots."

Is That Your Kettlebell or Your Purse

How a weighty situation can affect your health.

Use it or lose it.

Move that mental muscle.

Study Yourself Like a Scientist

Keep a journal can provide long term clues.

Changes in Pain: It’s Time to Talk with Your Doctor

Chronic pain sufferers continue to rise

Our Growing Waistline

What did adults and children alike grow together during the last decade?

Hope for Chronic Pain

“Doc, why doesn’t my pain go away? Shouldn’t I feel better by now?”

Celebration of the Heart

Not only should we honor our heart with love, we should also honor our heart with exercise.

To Do or Not to Do – Genome Testing

Suppose you could have a simple test that would predict what diseases you might suffer from in the future.
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