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Gail Edgell

  • Home Town:
  • Lancaster, PA
  • Occupation:
  • CEO & President
  • Found Elsewhere:
  • Joined:
  • 10/30/2011
  • Articles Published:
  • 62

Gail Edgell is a pioneer in the field of wellness. She has implemented hundreds of health and fitness programs for Fortune 500 companies

In 2000, Gail founded and created 360 Health Inc., focusing on women transitioning into menopause. Her goal is to assist women in living a vibrant, symptom-free second half of life through education, medical options, community and referral networks.

In addition to 360 Health Inc., Gail is co-host of Magnificent Menopause and Beyond on Blog Talk Radio, co-author of “What the Hell is Happening to Me?” Her latest venture is co-founder of HMM helps holistic wellness professionals with the foundational components of their business, attracting clients, finding additional revenue streams and most important systematizing their business so they can reap the profits without stressing and always having to be there.

Gail earned a bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology from West Chester University in West Chester, PA.


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