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Jim Duzak

  • Home Town:
  • Green Vally, AZ
  • Occupation:
  • Attorney, Mediator, Workshop Leader, Newspaper/Online Columnist
  • Joined:
  • 10/30/2011
  • Articles Published:
  • 49

Jim Duzak is a Lawyer, mediator, workshop leader, and author of “Mid-Life Divorce and the Rebirth of Commitment” (Cold Tree Press, 2007). Jim Duzak has been called The Attorney at Love.

For over forty years, Jim’s personal and professional life has been dominated by issues of marriage, divorce, post-divorce dating, single parenting, and remarriage. At age twenty, he was a husband and father. At thirty, he was divorced and raising his daughter while attending law school. He met his second wife through a personal ad. He has done one-on-one relationship counseling, and has spoken frequently to midlife singles groups. As he says in his book, when it comes to men-women relationships, he has either seen it all, heard it all, or done it all.

Jim is a graduate of Central Connecticut State University and Boston College Law School. After practicing law in the Boston area for over twenty years, Jim and his wife moved to Arizona, where, before writing his book, he served as a full-time divorce mediator for the Maricopa Superior Court in Phoenix. In addition to writing for Boomer-Living, Jim writes a monthly column for, and has written dozens of articles that can be found on his website,

Early in 2009, Jim will begin hosting “Relationship Radio with Jim Duzak” on the Voice America Internet network. He can be reached by e-mail at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


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Factoring in mortality rates might be a good idea before splitting.

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Robbing the cradle or robbing her dignity?

Her Friend is Driving Her Crazy

It is only a one way relationship. Which way should she go?

Her Husband Demands Blind Loyalty

What would do?

An Argument That Can’t Be Settled

Flip a coin? What do you think?

Is Her Daughter Crazy Not to “Settle”?

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Two Women for Every Man?

Can I find the right man?

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Can accents become a barrier?

A Long-Lost Lover Returns

Should I seek the love?

Is She Solving a Problem or Creating One?

What do you think?

Has His Ex Violated the Alimony Order?

What about her career education?

Do You Get What You Pay For in Online Dating?

Pay sites vs. Free Sites: Which is better?

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Can you leave your money to anyone you choose – or does the will dictate?

The Real Reason He Won’t Get Divorced

Should separation of financials keep you from divorcing?

What “Red Flags” Should She Watch Out For?

Beware Of Con Artists

She Doesn’t Want Husband to Ride a Motorcycle

Can there be a compromise?

Is Wife’s Brother Taking Advantage of Her?

Has he crossed the line and should she take him to court?

They Always Just Want to be “Friends”

You’re dating and she “just wants to be friends”?

Her Secret is Torturing Her

Feeling guilty from praise by children.

OK to Avoid Stepson’s Wedding?

My husband is upset because I don't want to attend his son's wedding.

Are His Firearms Killing Their Marriage?

Are firearms necessary for protection for mature adults?

Getting the Silent Treatment from her Husband

What to do when you receive the silent treatment.

She Won’t Give Up Her Alimony Checks to Marry Him

Could her alimony be her security blanket?

Passing the Chemistry Test

What’s best and what's worst about online dating.

Are All Marriages Worth Saving?

What do you think?

A Mutual Misunderstanding about Sex

When it comes to sex, men---and women, too---are rarely “reasonable.”

Is This Guy Too Much of a Long Shot?

Would you marry a lifelong bachelor? Even though he loves only you?

Is it “Cheap” or “Thrifty” to Use Coupons on First Dates?

Help! I want a new partner! I just do't want to go broke finding her!

Why Do Men Refuse to Apologize?

Is there something about men and apologies?

An Everyday Kind of Love

SAYING I LOVE YOU is heard by doing the liitle things!!!

Married “In Name Only”

Sweethearts who haven't been sweethearts and married for forty years...Are they married or strangers sharing just a name?

Recent Widow is “Invisible” to Married Friends

Just because my husband passes away. Why did my married friendships get buried with him?

She’s a Reluctant Caregiver

Newly married and my husband needs full-time care, I'm scared.

Husband’s Job Offer is Making Her Nervous

Is the job affecting the marriage?

Stressing Over Her Son’s Divorce

Handling irreconcilable differences.

Why is his Wife Caring for her Ex-Husband?

"Am I crazy or is she?"

Should He Tell His Wife He Once Fathered A Child?

Would it be best to break the news to her now?

Why Second and Third Marriages Often Fail

Are patterns being repeated?

Is Wife’s Mediation Proposal Just A Trick

We were married for nearly 30 years..Now she wants a divorce! And expects us to go to mediation!

Get Mom to a Lawyer

Could a court appoint us as her legal guardians?

A New Way to Pay for Your Divorce

There’s a way of leveling the playing field.

The Importance of Choosing Wisely: Avoiding Unintended Consequences with Executors

It's my last wishes. Who can I trust to carry them out?

When Temptation Calls

Should she or shouldn't she?
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