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Natalie Caine, M.A.

Natalie Caine M.A. has shared wisdom, tips, and comfort to thousands of people across the country as they deal with happy and challenging life transitions. She writes monthly columns for three top websites about transitions, as well as writing blogs and articles for her own active websites,  and .

Natalie has been featured in top media, including Time Magazine, USA Today, Huffington Post,, Better Homes and Gardens, N. Y. Times, L.A. Times, Washington Post, Lifetime Radio for Women, Chicago Tribune, Sirius, Associated Press, Miami Herald, and many more. 
Natalie starts her day tending her organic vegetable and flower garden and uses her digital camera to capture its beauty. Natalie re-invented her career to fit a new passion, helping people travel their road of changes.

Her changes began at a very young age.  She has been a top speaker at resorts and spas, as well as, conferences, private and corporate settings.
Change is inevitable. Get ready. Get support. Get a hand to hold. No one wants to go through expected or unexpected changes alone. 

Natalie offers private sessions in person and on the telephone, storytelling, support groups, workshops, retreats, speaking engagements, and mentoring. 


Not Having Answers May Bring the Best Results

Learning to be lost.

What I Wish I Had

Knowing who you are...

Empty Nest

The Count Down

Summer Play Time

Warm, joyful and enlightening.


The bewilderment of life.

Make Time For Summer Fun

Whether you are alone or with somebody there is always something to do.

Do You Believe People Can Change?

Take a moment to answer this question. You might just be surprised to the answer.

Graduation Day

Congratulations to all Graduates.

Preparing For Changes

Always know there is support within your reach.

Not What I Expected

Or even who I expected...

How to Handle Changes

Powerful pointers to get through the hard times.

My Leap Of Faith

Selling her house to find her way back home.

Re-inventing Yourself

How do you define it?

An Inspired Life

Let your partner know what kind of touch you like.

Spring Break, Passover and Easter, Changes

How do you cope?

100 Cameras, My Story

100 cameras countless number of priceless stories.


Urrggg! I'm stuck! Not anymore! Here's help to get unstuck!

Valentine Solo

How was your solo Valentine’s Day?

She Can’t Do It

Making personal decisions...

What Is Fun About Love?

How to recapture that “loving” feeling.

I Can’t Do This Anymore

Getting to knowing more about yourself.

Not Who I Thought I Might Be

Getting to know yourself when facing a loss.

Don’t Lose Your Ideas

Getting to know yourself better.

2012 – Thank you

Preparing for 2013.

Solo During The Holidays

You’re really not in this alone.

What She Found

The importance of self knowledge during “change”.

How Do You Find The Courage?

How to address the fears involved with courage.

Opening to New Possibilities

How to connect with a possibility.

America Votes

We continue to build communities.

Totally Different

What is on your list of totally different?

Change It Up

Do Something out of your normal routine this week.

How To Have A Good Day?

48 Ways to make your day better.

Obsessing While In Transitions

How to read your feelings accurately.

What Empty Nesters Pass On To Kids

Have you had an imprint on your children?

If You Were Going Back To School

What would you like to Learn?

Feels Like My House Is A Silent Trap

This silence is deafening as Dad reflects.

Heart Ache

Poignant Thoughts and Memories

What Do You Know About Sitting In The Empty Nest?

How to address the feeling of loneliness.

Saying Goodbye To Your College Bound Kids

How and what to say when the parting “hug” arrives.

Can You See The Bigger Picture?

How to stay focused.

Shifting Behaviors

Change your behavior – change your life.

Grandparents Celebrate

"Mom, get here. Baby is on the way."

What Would You Want Your Child To Know As He Leaves College?

Its time to go back to college! Will they still remember where home is?

Gathering In The Empty Nest

30 Ways to help eliminate the emptiness.

Stuck From Disappointments, What’s Possible Now?

Where do you find the PEACE?! How do to find the Love?!

Yes, I’m Over Involved in My Child’s LIfe

It’s more than just being liked

Hello Summer Good Bye Pusher

Relax and Enjoy the Season

Inspire Me Today

Successful navigation through a life in transition

Summer Fun, What To Do?

Changes are happening. Fun is a necessity

Schools Out

Are you facing life after parenting?

Have You Had To Speak Up In A Difficult Situation?

Did you speak up or let it be?

Receiving Advice

Unearth your ability to hear who you are, where you are. More importantly what are your needs now!

We Have A Happy Idea

What would you help someone do?

Stop Parenting?

Yes stop parenting!

New Direction, Now What?

You like predictability and a path. You got a call that stopped the familiar.

A Surprise From The Unknown That Became Known

What kind of surprise?

30 Top Tips and Tricks to up Your Happy

Smile...Life happens..And it's all GOOD!

April is National Stress Awareness Month

5 effective top tips for de-stressing. Yes you can do this right now. It's just that easy!

Leaving Behind What Was

"Confusion is great."?! Well, maybe it is. And this is why.....

Don’t Count Me Out


Take 24 Hours

The next big thing...What would you if you can't do the big dream NOW!!!

Celebrating Spring?

The vote from my groups, that I share with you is, MAKE A PLAN.

What Is Blooming For You?

A client shares a ray of hope...So SPRING into new possibilites!!!

Are You Feeling Unhappy?


Changing Habits

"I have habits that seem to run me. I am too predictable and at times, bored."

A Deep Loss And Surprise

Thank you Sophie for touching all our lives. Thank you Natalie for sharing the experience!

Change Locations. Change Perception.

Move your chair!..Life looks different as you move around!

Changing Lanes

She loves a new road with open choices. She fears loneliness and making a mistake.

Back to School

Kids back off to college..Now WHAT?!

How do I Know?

LOOK OUT! YOU ARE HEADING IN A DIRECTION! Now is it the right one for you?

Transition of a New Year

I am excited about 2012, partially because I love newness.

Three Questions To Ask Yourself Daily

CHANGING ROLES! CHALLENGING TIMES! What can one do in the state of uncertainty?

You’re wearing that for the Holidays?

AUH Mom!! Do I have to!!

Tips For Meditation

Last thing you think about when feeling out of control is to meditate. Yet, a voice nags at you saying, "It could help."

Natalie Caine Answers Questions

Did you remember to check in with yourself today? How are you doing?

Holiday Transitions

Travel and transitions are about feeling out of control. Who likes that feeling?

Holiday Perspective

How do you keep your perspective during the holidays?

Holiday Tips

Natalie shares her secret tips on how to enjoy the holidays with family and friends.

We Are the ‘Demographic Title Wave’

November is National Family Caregivers Month.

Empty Nest Support Group

The empty nest is an invitation to focus back on self.

Five Things Empty Nesters Shouldn’t Say to Their Children

How to best say what's on your mind.

Transitions, Day by Day

How to manage change.

My Empty Nest Turned Storage Bin

Dreaming of open spaces?

I’m Not That Wonderful

Overcoming vulnerability.

Fun in the Empty Nest

You are only limited by your imagination.

Changes and the Empty Nest

Helping parents through transition.

Support Groups

Help with new beginnings.

Will You Accept This Rose?

The impact of beauty around you.

Transition – Where to Begin?

It will be OK ....

The Kids Are Back. No Job. Now What?

Providing encouragement can make the difference.

Old Plans Aren’t Working?

Time to come up with a new dream.

Daddy Brightens My Morning

He's my teacher of unconditional love.

Dad Is An Empty Nester – Son Knows

"The big band will play for you..."

Boomers and Empty Nesters: 2011, Now What?

Finding new beginnings.
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