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Traci Brosman

Traci Brosman is co-founder of World Wellness Education, a Business Success Coach with Holistic Marketing Mentors, a professional speaker, and an author. She is also a local television and radio host.

As one of the owners of Holistic Marketing Mentors, Traci helps individuals who have a passion for healing but struggle on the business side of things. She helps them improve their business skill sets in a big way, giving them peace of mind, so that they can help heal more people. With proven systems, Holistic Marketing Mentors gets results quickly and easily.

Believing in the value of doing what it takes to improve her life and the lives of those she meets, Traci also thoroughly enjoys her work with World Wellness Education. “I love the fact that I get to connect with so many professionals on what it means to be healthy — body, mind and spirit. Then I get to take this information and share it with the world — one community, one story at a time. It is wonderful to be able to do the things I love and then give back to others what I learn.” Brosman is dedicated to encouraging and inspiring others with honesty and integrity.

Traci grew up in Bellingham, Washington and then spent ten years in the greater Seattle area. Tired of the traffic, high prices and over 300 days each year of clouds and rain she moved with her husband to Leesburg, Florida. Together with their daughter, they enjoy the beautiful weather and the smaller community.

Traci has studied the mind and the role it plays in success, happiness and health for over twenty years and founded Holistic Marketing Mentors with Gail Sophia Edgell to help wellness professionals succeed in business.  Gail and Traci are known for powerful mastermind sessions that help clients break past barriers to attract and retain more clients while increasing profits.

As a TV host and co-founder of World Wellness Education, she educates and inspires people to live healthier lives.


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