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Marian Moore, M.A.

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  • 02/21/2012
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Marian Moore, M.A. writes under the pen name of Addison DeWitt.

She has been an educator, lecturer, counselor and writer… and a long time, on and off online dater. No degrees or professional training or experience were enough to be prepared for the journey into the strange new world of meeting on the internet. It was after years of listening, observing and being there that the manuscript was able to begin. It was with considerable patience and a sturdy constitution that the material could be put together and presented as a collection of humor, poignancy and coincidences.

The idea of the book was to write as if for everyone online, for there is some of everyone’s experience in each account. There was never any direct intention to interview or collect stories. They just happened.  The author is no longer dating online and is spending time helping others tell their stories and trying to make the adventure a little more fun.


Dear Addi

Sometimes we're blind to the end, at the beginning.

Dear Addi

A fantasy romance gets weighed down.

Dear Addi

First date: R.I.P.

Dear Addi

Beyond bizarre!

Love Rules

Out of the shadows...

Just Kidding, Just Kidding

Big Tooth!!!

Love Rules

Does religion matter?

Dear Addi

Spin Around

Dear Addi

Ladies with a plan.


Can honesty ever be too much?

You Know This Just Isn’t Going to Work

Enjoy this week's 3 mini anecdotes.

Up and Out

Going online and meeting strangers, do you get what you want?

No Words

Oh yes it can!

Three Widowers Part lll

Drinks, secrets, and regrets...

Three Widowers Part ll

Some topics better left unsaid especially at lunch.

Three Widowers Part I

You, me and of course Gladys.


A change meeting at a bus terminal.

Love Rules No. 3

How interesting describing relationships in an atomic principle.

Dear Addi: The Bitter End

Why did you even begin?

Wrong Again

Can it really be a walk in the park?

All the Rage

Comments more than just a response.

The Model Wife

Or was she?

Dear Addi

Power Failures

Dear Addi

Dead lines. If only I could ...

Love Rules

Or does it?

The Talk

Online dating isn’t for the faint of heart.

Love Rules

When to throw out the rule book.

Click Click, I Love You

The Emergency Room...

Dear Addi Episode 2

Advice for the dating baby boomers...

Dear Addi

Your personal dating questions for Addison DeWitt.

Click Click I Love You

United Nations Asia Fund

Big Buffet

An inside look at online dating.

Haven’t We Met Somewhere Before?

The trials and tribulations of online dating.

Three Widowers

More Adventures of Addison - Dewitt

Cutting It Off

Spencer Tracey saves the day!

Mais Oui, Mais NO

Dating experiences that aren’t so good.

I’ll Have What She’s Having

Be Careful What You Wish For.

Wrong Again

27 Wrongs Don’t Make a Right

The Monsignor

Careful What You Wish For.

All About Stories

In the beginning, there was one looking to become two.

Two Johns

Two ships that recrossed paths. Only to depart one more time.

What’s It All About

Romance makes fool of us all. We face all that because being alone is not fun.
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