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Barbara Briggs Ward

Barbara Briggs Ward is the author/illustrator of the children’s book series featuring Snarly Sally – “The little girl who doesn’t like to have her hair brushed.” Titles include, “The Really, Really Hairy Flight of Snarly Sally” and “Snarly Sally’s Garden of ABCs.” The third Snarly Sally book, “The Really Hairy Scary Butterfly Rescue” was released Christmas/2010 as was “The Reindeer Keeper”-a Christmas story for Boomers earning 5-Star Reviews on Amazon/Kindle/and Barnes & Noble.

Barbara’s projects also include illustrating, “And Then There Was Hope” and “The Brain Reigns” for the New York State Office of Mental Health. She has been a featured author/illustrator on Mountain Lake PBS in Plattsburgh, New York and on stage at Target’s Book Festival in Boston and New York City.

She has been published in Highlights for Children, McCall’s, and The Crafts Report. Her essay led to a feature in Ladies’ Home Journal. Several of her articles have been published in regional newspapers. A member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

In addition, Barbara’s short story,”In Anticipation of Doll Beds” has been chosen to appear in “Chicken Soup for the Soul book entitled, “Christmas Magic” on sale 10/12/10!


Sweater Weather

Celebrity's influence

Harvesting Months, Making Shrimp

October - filled with more than just leaves.

Sweet September

And oh how sweet it is!

Busting Fashion Myths

I wish a had kept my go-go boots!

The Love and Lure of Lighthouses

Congress declared August 7th as National Lighthouse Day back in 1989.


Fun, Healthy, and Delicious.

Christmas in July

Yes! Christmas in July does have a history.

Hot Dog and Potato Salad Perfection

Two of Barbara's old friends on a picnic table.

In Celebration of Ice Cream Sodas

Do you remember the soda fountains complete with soda jerks?

The Renaming of Granny and Grandpa

What's in the name is not important. It's what 's in the heart that is.

There’s More to Weathervanes Than the Wind

They are functional and decorative.

Don’t Judge a May Flower by Its Color

More importantly ask if it is toxic.

The Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day

The perfect gift, the gift of time.

Let the Music Play

Do you remember when there was a piano in every classroom? Barbara does.

The Lure of Wind Chimes

The magical notes of a wind chime.

Diners - A Taste of Americana

Corner of Main Street, Good Food, and Great Conversation

Take to the Ice

Having winter fun and some great exercise too!

Time for Popcorn

Did you know there is a National Popcorn Day?

Your Big Idea Might Be Right In Front of You

Use your creative ability in the New Year.

Holiday Traditions-Old, New and Blended

Blended traditions through marriage.

The Making of a TV Christmas Classic

The history of Rudolph the Red Nose Raindeer.

The Season of Chocolate

The best chocolate cake ever!

Finding Your Song

Overcoming life’s challenges.

Squash and More Squash

Fruit or Vegetable – They’re still good

Old Cook Books

Never to be replaced by on-line recipes.

Anticipation and Appreciation

There is something to be said about receiving a letter in a "real" mailbox.

September’s Apples

Fall is coming, and so are those delicious apples!

A Porch in the Summer Time

Memories that last a lifetime...

Cowboy Heroes with Guns and Holsters

How gun play has changed over the years.

For the Love of Canned Tuna Fish

WOW! What kind of health benefits come from a simple can of tuna!

The Season of Inspiration

Summer is a time for creativity – give it a try.

Growing up with June’s Creators

Do you remember these creative people? They were all born in June.

From the Driveway to the Drive-In

If you enjoyed Drive-In Movies - you may want to thank Richard Hollingshead, Jr.

The Other Side of the Family

Never really spent time with them. Yet when they pass away they are missed!

Newspapers Leave a Lasting Imprint on MoreThan Just Ink on Paper

Newspapers, especially smaller newspapers in rural areas, are voices for hometowns everywhere.

Piano Time

The tickling of the ivories tickle my heart and soul!

Caretaking for Adult Children

In recognition of March as Mental Health Awareness Month

Time for Seed Catalogs

There’s something about looking through a seed catalog in the grip of winter.

For the Love of Hot Cereal

For the love of hot cereal.

The Winter Olympics Were Every Winter!

Creating more than just warm memories as we created our own version of the Winter Olympics!

Soup’s On

Memories of snow castles to the art of making soup..Oh January what a month!

The Doll on the TV

Oh, what a doll!

Thanksgiving Wasn’t About the Turkey

We'd always gather as a family to enjoy both the feast and each other.

The Value of Small Town Post Offices

Do you remember when the post office was the social meeting place?

National Pizza Month is Here

Whats the pizza secret?

Cracker Jack Surprises

In search of the prize!

There’s Nothing Fishy about Fishing!

What's the catch?

September Fun!

Collections to collages, crafts at its best!

Three Days in the Summer of ‘69

What ever could have kept me away?

Pickled Beets and Pickles-oh Yeah!

While there are many slippery pickle recipes available I’d like to offer you my grandmother’s.

Pennies from Heaven: A Celebration of Graduation and Father’s Day

Pennies from Heaven was his song. Now has taken on a whole new meaning since his passing.

Never Heard of Him!

I couldn’t figure out all the hoopla.
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