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Patrick Roden

Patrick Roden, PhD, spent the first years of his life crawling around the floors of a nursing home where his grandmother was head nurse. He feels this experience imprinted him and influenced his life’s work. Patrick’s nursing career has spanned over two decades and includes; acute coronary care, trauma care, surgical intensive care, inner-city public health and ambulatory surgery care.

It was his “chance meeting” with 85 year old marathon participant, Mavis Lindgren in 1992 that set Patrick on his current academic and professional path. Acting as Mrs. Lindgren’s medical escort for 5 marathons changed his view of what is possible in old age. Patrick went on to complete his Master of Arts degree in Education: Policy, Foundations and Administration. Two years later he completed a graduate certificate in gerontology and began delivering adult education programs to business and civic groups on issues of aging and human development.

Following his academic and professional goals, he completed a second Master of Arts degree and PhD in Aging and Human Development. Patrick has spoken to organizations such as; Hewlett-Packard, Nike, The State of Oregon Hospital Auxiliary Volunteers Association, The YMCA, Kaiser Permanente’s Silver Sneakers groups, Oasis, and many others. He enjoys speaking to groups on the topic of “possibility aging” emphasizing the health aspects of aging, the aging brain, creativity and aging, and his passion aging in place.

Patrick’s volunteer service has included; The YMCA Cardiac Therapy Program, Meals-on-Wheels, The Portland Marathon, The Race for the Cure, Relay for Life, Habitat for Humanity, and COBA Ramp-A-Thon, as well as helping out seniors in his community.

He lives with his best friend/wife Julie in the green state of Oregon, is an everyday athlete, artist, and human potential advocate. He will be forever grateful to the ”grandmother in running shoes” who remains an inspiration, and to all those creative older adults who continue to see anew.

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