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Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all.

Happy Passover

Happy Passover to all.

Baby Boomers on the FastTrac to startup

Time to start business!

US Baby Boomers Targeting Costa Rica

Expats looking for new pastures to maximize finances.

Commune-Like NY Farm Offers Baby Boomers, Other Seniors an Alternative for their Golden Years

Alternative living through community.

Are baby boomers stealing the country’s future?

What's your opinion?

Baby Boomers Take Biggest Career Risks

A new group of entrepreneurs...

Single Baby Boomers Love Dating And Their Freedom

Are you a single baby boomer?

Oscars Present Beautiful Tribute To Musical Theater Featuring Chicago, Dreamgirls And Les Misérables

A must experience among one of the most-nominated films.

Oscars 2013 Predictions and Predilections:

Our picks for the best of 2012.

What do Aging Baby Boomers Need?

Problems that need attention ASAP.

Study: Baby Boomers More Unhealthy Than Previous Generation

Are you Healthier than Your Parents?

Retiring Baby Boomers See Opportunities

“When you have a great idea – age is just a number”.

Moving on Out:  Baby Boomer Housing Choices Vary in Retirement

Boomers make their own way.

Moving on Out:  Baby Boomer Housing Choices Vary in Retirement

Boomers make their own way.

Retired Baby Boomers Climb Back Into Driver’s Seat

Working to extend income.

Why More Baby Boomers need the Shingles Vaccine

Boomers Beware!

Hepatitis C Cases Hitting Baby Boomers

Simple test provides solutions

New Fishers Fitness Facility Opens for Baby Boomers

A new place for boomers to exercise.

Career coach: 3 tips for baby boomers wanting change

How to change careers as a baby boomer.

Baby boomers are choosing purpose-driven second careers

A new age and time for boomers.

Baby Boomers Compete for Bucket List Victories

How’s your bucket list compared to other boomers?

Baby Boomers Reinvent Retirement

Times have changes – and there are no road maps to retirement.

Why Am I Getting Mellower?

Could the Gloomiest Generation – be getting Mellow?

Hitting 65, Boomers Seek Out ‘Retirement Coaches’

Boomers reinventing themselves to not outlive their money.

As baby-boomers hit 65, state told to prepare for ‘silver tsunami’

Connecticut’s challenge – a sign of things to come.

How Baby Boomers Will Change the Economy

Beware of Coming Boomer Tsunami.

Tips for Baby Boomers to be Financially Ready to Retire

Tips to help you retire.

Scam Warning for Medicare Recipients

Medicare recipients cards being targeted.

Baby Boomers With no Place to Call Home

Shelters are seeing a surge in older men with age-related illnesses, a trend that could have implications for how we shape public policy.

Covering the Bases: How the Medicare Advantage Disenrollment Period works

How to return to the original.

The Complexities of Comparing Medicare Choices

Which is more expensive – Medicare Advantage Plan or Traditional Fee-for-Service Medicare Program.

Baby Boomers are Working Longer

See how many boomers expect to continue working after age 65.

Law May Help Baby Boomers the Most

How does the affordable care act affect you?

‘Fiscal Cliff’ Bill Passes, Medicare Cuts Averted

26.5% cut averted.

Trend-Setting Baby Boomers Lead to Booming Business

Once again, Baby Boomers will have an impact on our society.

The facts about Medicaid: Entitlements

Do you know what Medicaid Covers?

Many Baby Boomers Clueless About Their Medicare Coverage, Says Survey

What you don’t know could be unhealthy.

Baby Boomer Demographic Critical in Fiscal Debates

Is anyone paying attention to the 500 lb gorilla in the living room?

Baby Boomers ‘on a Collision Course’ with Heart Disease

Learn more about the 2nd highest cause of death in baby boomers.

The Best Home Renovations for Baby Boomers

Home improvement ideas for Baby Boomers.

In Home Care To Rise as Baby Boomers Age

Aging in place for the future.

Baby boomers in need of buyers

Will there be enough buyers when Boomers sell their homes?

Center For Productive Longevity Wraps Up Successful Series of Baby Boomer Entrepreneurship Meetings

Baby boomers and future careers.

Why Can’t I Hold My Alcohol Anymore?

Have you noticed the difference?

Baby Boomers Still Bringing it in Hollywood

Top Hollywood stars – top baby boomers.

Baby Boomers Fueled Demand for Popular Sugary Snacks

Were you a Twinkies kid?

Top 5 Baby Boomer Health Trends

You may be surprised.

Baby Boomers Top 5 Health Concerns

These top concerns may surprise you.

Twinkies are mortal? Then so are Boomers

A Cultural Icon - and treat - Gone for Boomers

Baby Boomers Face Barriers to Retirement Savings

Do you have enough money to retire?

Foreclosures closing in on baby boomers

Many times there just aren’t many options.

Baby Boomers: Prepare for life’s eight transitions

Do you know the transitions all boomers experience?

Red Cross Taking in Donations for Sandy Relief

Ways to make donations to help those in need.

The Baby Boomer Entrepreneur

Are you in the Boomer Trend?

Retirement Risks are Rising for Boomers

You’re right: It’s not your parent’s retirement.

Boomers and travel: Plan ahead and protect your health

Proper planning can help a great deal.

Why Is Gray Divorce the New Trend?

Divorce is on the rise among boomers.

Why Baby Boomers are Turning into Golden Entrepreneurs

Pros and cons of boomers staring their own business.

Baby Boomers Who Celebrate Birthdays This Week

Baby boomers one year older this week.

Baby Boomer Spending Habits: Here’s What’s Really Hurting Their Retirement

Are boomers spending too much and hurting their chances at a comfortable retirement?

The Romney-Ryan Plan for Medicare: What It Means for Seniors

What is the impact on Seniors on this plan?

Baby Boomers Worry About Health-Care Costs

5 Ways to save on health care

Baby boomers need to improve security for their computers and mobile devices

Boomers fall short on security issues.

Veep Debate Violations

Ryan, Biden rough up the facts in their one and only meeting.

Inspired interiors: Baby boomer baths are about style and utility

Baby Boomers Retiring in Style

How To Say Goodbye To Your Pets

Considerations about quality of life.

Ad says workforce smaller under Barack Obama than any time since Jimmy Carter

True or False

Boomers Turn To Annuities For Retirement Asset Safety

Understanding Annuities

4 Medicare Enrollment Mistakes to Avoid

How to keep your Personal Medicare Program Healthy

Study: When Baby-Boomers refuse to retire, they aren’t stealing jobs from younger workers

New study shows the opposite.

Jobs Picture Improves for Boomers

Unemployment rate numbers look good for Baby Boomers.

Baby boomers and low testosterone: Is there a stem cell solution?

Hopkins researchers use stem cells to create new cells that produce testosterone

Study: Baby Boomers’ Health Very Poor, Getting Worse

Studies show Obesity is a major problem.

Baby boomers: Longer lives, shakier finances

How are you coping?

Driverless Cars May Save Baby Boomers’ Driving Privileges Instead of Giving Up the Car Keys

Let the Car Do the Driving. Boomers may not have to “give up the keys”

Medicare’s Pay For Performance Effort Begins, Targeting Quality and Readmissions

See Why and how Hospitals will be paid for performance.

Medicare Advantage Popularity May be Short-Lived

Cuts in Medicare may hurt Advantage Program: Politics or Facts.

Survey: Many Doubt Medicare’s future

A shadow of doubt by those who need Medicare in the future.

Medicare drug plans: Steep hikes loom for millions

There are alternatives!

Virtual Doctors Visits Catch on With Insurers, Employers

A view of the future?

Polls: Obama Scores Higher In Trust On Medicare

Polls lean unanimously in one direction.

Romney’s Food Stamp Stretch

Is Romney’s Statement True?

Obama and Ryan Trade Blasts Over Medicare at AARP Convention

Disagreement on how to fund Medicare.

How to Handle Parking Lot Accidents

Tips for fender benders.

How Is Your Medicare Drug Plan Like Your Cable Company?

Different pricing for newer and older customers.

Automatic Cuts to Cost Medicare Billions

Can these cuts be saved by January 2013?

Medicare gaps leave many with big bill at end of life

Paying Medical Bills beyond Medicare Coverage can be a challenge.

Government to reduce Medicare funding for hospitals with high re-admittance rates

A Savings in the Billions.

President Obama “built” 16 Trillion Dollar Debt

True or False?

Give Me A Break

Romney Ad - True or False – You decide...

Why Medicare Cards Still Show Social Security Numbers

An Open Invitation to Identity Theft.

Democratic Disinformation from Charlotte

Check the facts against the statements.

Why Traditional Medicare Must (and Will) Be Reformed

Too many antiquated practices?

Fact Checking Obama and Biden

Truth or Falsehoods in Acceptance Speeches

This is Not Your Mother’s Medicare, Part 1

Could the Answer to Medicare be in the Villages?

The Truth About Medicare

Is there anyone who can give a straight answer?


The truth and nothing but the truth.

Rural Medicare Doctors Hard to Find As More Boomers Retire to Small Towns…

Boomers are having a problem finding Doctors!!

The health care law requires people to buy insurance “whether they can afford it or not”?

Check the Answer – you’ll be surprised.
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