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Your Body Believes and Now It Listens

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by Dr. Erica Goodstone

Your Body Believes and Now It Listens

Did you know your body listens to every thought you have and every word you speak?  And your body believes you.  When you’re young with hormones raging, even though your body is responding your hormonal urges can counteract your true desires and even overcome your body’s messages. 

Remember when you were young, as a teen or in your 20’s, and you could eat anything you want and not get fat – or at least not get sick.  And remember when you could become sexually intimate with the wrong person and have no problem completing the act?  And perhaps you were athletic like me and overused, even abused, your body’s tolerance for exercise and movement.  Sure, the next day you felt quite sore, but the you recuperated quickly and forgot about it until the next time.

Fast forward 30, 40 or 50 years.  You go to a party and eat everything you love and you feel so good – until – a few hours later when your belly is bloated, you feel constipated or downright sick.  Or maybe you just finished a few sets of tennis, jogging in your neighborhood or a round of golf, but you extended yourself a bit more than usual.  Uh, oh! Your knee feels kind or strange or there’s a painful twang in your elbow or your back is in spasm…. And perhaps you have been single for awhile and you just met a potential sex partner.  You get all spruced up, spend some pleasant time together in the early afternoon or evening, and then you arrive at the apartment for the final act.  Oops, something’s wrong and it just does not happen.

If any of this sounds familiar you are certainly not alone.  As we age, our hormones no longer supersede our body’s needs and desires.  As the hormones subside, our recuperative powers diminish, and our lifetime of experience increases, we can no longer ignore our body’s messages.  What happens is that when we do something that is not in alignment with our true purpose and our inner desires, our  body reacts in sometimes startling ways.

For example, when we have too many conflicting thoughts at a young age, we may develop a headache.  If that pattern continues without addressing the underlying conflicts, we may develop a more intense patterns of migraine headaches or even something more powerful like a brain tumor. 

To some people who are not familiar with the bodymind connection and the power of our brain and its thought processes, what I am suggesting here may seem outlandish, even foolish.  But research is catching up with something that body oriented psychotherapists, like myself, have observed in our clients and in our own lives for decades.

The body doesn’t lie.  If you want to know what is going on in your thoughts and emotions, pay attention to what is being revealed in your own body symptoms.  One of the advantages of the aging process is that we naturally have to slow down, pay attention to our body’s needs, and self reflect in a way that we were probably too busy to do in our earlier years.

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