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You are…so worth loving!

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by Vanessa Simpkins

You are…so worth loving!

This week is a special week for me. It marks the one year anniversary of when I got my "get out of jail free card", so I decided to take my power back and heal all of the parts of myself that I had been hiding under the carpet. It also marks the one year anniversary of the dramatic event that set this healing spree off (my ex boyfriend nearly killed me in a drunken fit in a hotel room). Bet you didn't see that one coming...

Sometimes it takes good wake up call to shake you up, wake you up and turn you around.
It came to me this past week while driving into town in my new car, off to see my new amazing empowering friends, that I now have a wildly successful speaking and coaching business, a loving community of loyal fans, opportunities to teach and travel, and a new and profound level of self love and gratitude for life that I never dreamed I'd have. I have a WHOLE NEW LIFE... all in one year. Imagine the possibilities.

It all starts with the courage to look inside at the parts of ourselves that we've been hiding under the rug. If you feel like you are sitting on a time bomb, don't just ignore it and hope it won't go off. Time bombs are made to go off smile

I love you, I honor wherever you are at in your journey; if it is denial, victim hopeless me mode, fear, raging anger and frustration, indecision...just know that it's all part of the course and it's all good.

This year's commitment is to take my story and my work out there in the world in a much bigger way. And so there will be some changes happening in the way of websites and branding and all that fun stuff! I will keep you posted and, in the mean time, always remember that YOU are so worth loving.

No matter what is happening in your life, no matter what you are facing, creating, being called into being, you are so worth loving. Love is the power that creates worlds so don't withhold it from yourself because you think you .....(fill in the blank).

You don't need to deserve anything, die working so hard for it, or any of that, to get what you want. You just have to define, decide and commit to what it is you want, and then let love take over.

If the inspiration guides you, hit reply and let me know in what areas of your life are you looking to take your power back in and heal, I'd love to hear from you.

To Your Love, Expansion and Freedom


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