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Yes, Christmas is About You, But Not What You think! Part 2

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by Carolyn Bates

Yes, Christmas is About You, But Not What You think! Part 2

I overheard a man in the Post Office the other day “Oh, you know.  I hate the holidays.  My wife died last year.  I’m just not interested in Christmas.”

I was shopping, a lady checking out said:  “I’m sick of all the shopping and cooking.  No one appreciates the work I do for everyone to have presents under the tree.”  As the mother of five sons and the one that all 18 family members expected the annual Christmas Eve seated dinner, I can sometimes relate.

What is getting lost in the craziness of the holidaze?  What is the reason and meaning for this holiday?  What are we supposed to celebrate?

One thing, Christmas is a time of year to think of giving to others – the people you love, those who have cared about you, who have helped you, who are less fortunate?  Are you feeling lonely, left out, sad from memories of Christmas in the past?  Get out of yourself; think:

Who else is in a similar situation as you?  Who is alone this year or not able to be with their family?  Is there a friend who is overwhelmed by their big family that you could help?  Do you know someone who isn’t able to drive, who doesn’t get out much?  Do you know someone who is sick or in assisted living, who doesn’t have many visitors?  What can you do for these other people?  Won’t you be doing something for yourself also?

Look in the newspaper or go online to find all of the holiday concerts, programs, fireworks displays in your area.  How about the community theatre production of “Dear Santa”?  Who could you take to see these events?  If nothing else, get some friends over to watch a funny movie – “Elf”, “Christmas with the Cranks” or “Home Alone” – drink some hot chocolate with marshmallows.  One string of Christmas lights can add so much joy.  How about decorating some cookies; this is actually fun for adults too.

How can you contribute to those who are having a particularly hard time?  Find agencies who work with homeless or orphaned children, people living in shelters, those who are hungry.  Haven’t you heard that your reward is doubled when you give to others less fortunate?  Writing a check is great, but you’ll feel the best when you give your time, talents, volunteer.  Call any local church, social service organization, hospital or senior center to find an endless list of opportunities.  A few phone calls could change your life forever, to say nothing of adding to your holiday memories.

Have you heard all of this before?  Think outside of what you’ve always  done.  There is a Life outside of your comfort zone.  You make this the Merriest of Christmases ever; you create the memories!

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