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Will You Accept This Rose?

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by Natalie Caine, M.A.

Will You Accept This Rose?

Leaders, parents, college grads, students, boomers, all in transition and needing the impact of beauty around them for inspiration and stability.

A rose in a vase, a garden of rainbow chard, pillows, bowls, painting, photos, collage, musical instruments, poems, etc. You think it doesn't make a difference when you are changing. I know it has for me and my clients.

Will you accept making beauty around you? The photos are my recycled doors that sat for two years on the side on the house. While walking my small garden with morning black coffee, the idea came to me.

PUT MY PHOTOS IN THE WINDOWS ON THE DOORS. MAKE A GARDEN GALLERY. I wanted immediate gratification. Therefore, double stick tape, clean the windows, print my photos, move the doors to a focal point and tape them down. Stand back and enjoy the view...daily.

Truth is, I often move objects and furniture around as seasons change.

Lighten my life. Get more playful. Nest in. I am forever tossing and donating when I make the time. I like open space.

Summer brings up wanting to play and get out of town. It brings up family memories, some still alive and some unseen now. Beauty helps me feel great even when I am in the not knowing what is next or practicing patience.

Creativity leads me to something every time. Could be a smile all day and that is good enough. Could be I invite someone over to see my new creation or I email it.

I welcome you to email me your beauty that surrounds you. Go gather, toss, create, and play. I wonder where that will lead you?


Change is inevitable. Get Ready. Get Support. Life transitions need a hand to hold.

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