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Wendy Lipton-Dibner, Making a Difference Moving People to Action

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by Donna Marie Thompson, PhD.

Wendy Lipton-Dibner, Making a Difference Moving People to Action

As an undergraduate, Wendy’s passions were music, theater and sociology. She got her Masters Degree in sociology and social psychology from Duke University and then accepted a dual position as an Instructor at Texas Christian University and Project Manager at The Center for Organizational Research and Evaluation Studies. From classrooms to boardrooms and from hospitals to the U.S. Senate, Wendy excited students, implemented ground-breaking research projects, made policy-changing presentations, developed new business strategies and tested many of the techniques that she brings to her audiences today.

Wendy’s entrepreneurial drive led her to leave academia to open a full-service spa for men and women. She surpassed industry standards, and built a successful retail and service busi- ness despite fluctuations in the economy and strong competition. Within her 2000 square foot laboratory, Wendy developed the sales and leadership formulas that have since enabled Fortune 500 corporate and healthcare clients to increase their revenues by as much as 200 percent (in under 30 days!). Armed with her proven formulas, she was ready to expand her reach but wanted one more set of skills. She sold her business and studied to become a psy- chotherapist.

Wendy specialized in Gestalt Psychology and Transactional Analysis and built her private practice by providing free seminars in stress management, sales and leadership throughout the community. She helped her clients through their personal barriers while teaching them po- tent business strategies and the combination was extraordinary. Soon Wendy was receiving requests for speaking, training and consulting in healthcare and corporate environments.

Today, Wendy is the President of Professional Impact, Inc., an international training and consult- ing firm that is dedicated to helping clients to increase their revenues by mastering the “people factor” so they can Motivate and Align all stakeholders and Differentiate their organization from their competitors. She is still actively involved in music and theater, though her favorite perfor- mances are on the stages where she shares her proprietary formulas with appreciative audiences worldwide.

Known internationally for her work in non-profit, healthcare and corporate organizations, Lipton-Dibner is a world-class speaker, author of three books and a trusted advisor to thousands of doctors, non-profit and corporate leaders. As the founder of the Shatter Your Speed Limits Fast Track Academy, she has helped over 100,000 people worldwide to get what they truly want – for their organizations, the people they serve, their families and ultimately, themselves.

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