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We Have A Happy Idea

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by Natalie Caine, M.A.

We Have A Happy Idea

Our Empty Nest Support Group shares with you our creative new ideas.  Read the list and giggle.

I suggested we take 15 minutes to write about:  What if you were one of the top ten in an upcoming field or expertise?  What would that field be for you?
You had a support team.  You were financially backed.  Your health was strong. You had the time.

Here is a list of What If's:

  1. I would take photos of three women living an ordinary life.  All would be 50 plus.  Then I would photo three children 4 plus and notice similarities in a day and differences.  The book would be a success and the documentary would be filmed.
  2. I would make a neighborhood connection seeing what each household needed and then get volunteers to pull our community together.
  3. I would mentor adults on how to make a play time every week that was in different locations just in their neighborhood.  Then, I would have each person write a short story or do an art piece from that experience to remind them new things are possible.
  4. I would start a silent walk under the moon once a month and then each month meet at another's home to share a meal and laugh.
  5. I would ask for help for three months every day and keep a journal about that experience.
  6. I would sing again for a holiday performance and post it on YTUBE.  Then I would make cards with whatever came from that experience THE JOY OF SINGING.
  7. I would be a top interior designer who simply showed beauty by changing rooms once a month and adding one object of color.
  8. I would be the expert in story telling which made solutions for relationships easier and quicker.
  9. I am the make a date matter expert.  Say the truth and put your needs on the table.
  10. I am known as the de-stressor tool woman.  I come to your home and make a space with simple daily tools to practice well-being.

Aren't these all fun and exciting inspirations?  What would you add to this list for yourself and to inspire others?


Take good care,

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