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Take 24 Hours

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by Natalie Caine, M.A.

Take 24 Hours

Women in my empty nest group hadn't spent much time dreaming about fun and new possibilities. Some are still with children at home and some empty nesters now.

We started a discussion called, THE NEXT BEST THING, meaning what we might do even if we can't do THE BIG DREAM now.

We had so much fun doodling, and making a story about our doodle that changed our neighborhood, our family, our best friend, our home, our daily routine, and our work.   "THIS DOODLE SHOWS YOU HOW YOU CAN......." 

It was a practice in being creative and allowing a part of us to speak that rarely gets on the board. The result was laughter and a plan.

One idea that got on the calendar, was a woman offered to make over another woman's  bathroom.  She is not going to paint.  She is going to organize the bathroom and surprise her with “nurturing, healthy products."   They are doing an exchange.  The bathroom beautifier will receive one area of her garden with plants that carry less pollen, since she has allergies.

Each will take photos to share at our next meeting.  The practice for the week is to doodle in the morning and say something about your doodle. Doodle at the end of your day and again, write something about it.  We will share our journal of doodles, pencils are fine...this is not an art project.  This is another way of learning more about yourself and having fun.

What might be your next best thing?

Take care,

Change is inevitable. Get Ready. Get Support. Life transitions need a hand to hold.

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