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Support Groups

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by Natalie Caine, M.A.

Support Groups

Back to school is not only new beginnings for parents and students, but for anyone who feels the end of playful summer and the hope for more meaning, connection, and creativity in the Fall.

Questions about relationships, finances, work, parenting, illness, care-taking, re-locating, wellness, and fun, rise up.

I just want to let you know we are forming new support groups for all transitions, whether that is empty nest, re-invention, divorce, loss, illness, retirement, marriage, etc.  Transitions include celebrations. What you might not know is, even joy, shakes your bones because you have not been in that space before.

In my happy years of speaking with thousands of people across the country about transitions, the number one question I am asked is, AM I NORMAL?

Surprise in exploring your feelings and options is you only ask yourself one time, WHAT’S NEXT FOR ME?  Research shows, five times asking that question, WHAT’S NEXT FOR ME, integrates and allows you to deepen to different parts of yourself that carry wisdom.

Parts of you had to go dormant.  During a transition, you are invited to meet new selves. What part needs attention?  What needs a shift of perception?  What needs a goodbye? What are your gifts and challenges? What is your most comfortable emotion?  What compliments have people said to you over the years?

When people gather with curiosity and compassion, seated with the intention to openness, as well as, focus, change appears.

Call for more information about support groups or email:

Toll free,    800-446-3310   Los Angeles, CA Pacific time.

I reinvented my career. When you read my list on my website of life transitions, you will relate to why I am passionate about support for changing times. I know the value of being heard, supported, and met right where you are. One tool can lift you because it is something you never thought of before. One new friend can hold your hand as you step up or weep.

Looking forward to connecting with you,


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