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Stressed Out?

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by Sharon Lynn Wyeth

Stressed Out?

Have you ever had way too much to do and not enough time to get it done? That is the classic definition of stress. Stress concerns us all and is a major cause of disease today. So how does your name indicate how you will handle stress? Let's look at a few of the indicators in a name.

We are delving into stress again as so many are affected by it, plus, when school starts, stress levels seem to rise. There is more traffic on the roads, more demands on a parent’s time, making sure their children’s homework is done, etc.

So, let’s look at more indicators of stress, even though they generally handle it well, people who have the first vowel of ‘A’ are usually dealing with plenty of stress. These people tend to be workaholics as they are task oriented and want to get the job done. They keep taking on more and more work, as they are challenged and grow through problem solving. They will work until they collapse. Then, once down, it would be wonderful if someone else could go to the bathroom for them. To stay healthy, these individuals must schedule regular down time, as they need time to reflect in order to stay on top of their game and to stay healthy.

People with the first vowel ‘Y’ do the best under stress, as the more stress they feel, the more enthusiastic and alive they feel. This letter placement is the best for handling stress. They will look for something to do, or cause stress from inside of themselves with their thoughts or emotions, if there is no outside pressure on them. Once the person with the first vowel of ‘Y’ rises to the top, they will control how much stress they give themselves and are comfortable causing stress in others by their actions.

People who have the first vowel ‘O’ can handle stress well and are able to delegate well. They are able to juggle multiple commitments well, so well in fact, that it often amazes the rest of us. They appear to do their best work when most stressed.

People who have the combination of ‘ER’ in their name require physical exercise to relieve their stress. They need to move their bodies, and sweat, as with strenuous exercise their minds clear and stress is released. Exercise, even as simple as dancing three or four nights a week, releases the tension and stress that comes with their careers. People with ‘ER’ in their name often define themselves by what job or career they have. They must maintain a solid image and be valuable at work. They often confuse their ability to do their job with their image of themselves, their own self worth.

Remember, there are many letter combinations that can show stress, even though only some are shared here, and all combinations show more than just one trait.

Stress, when ignored, may lead to disease. So what letters deal with stress better than other letter combinations? When feeling stressed, where do we look for help? The answers lay in your name just as the challenges do.

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