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Sam’s Club Pharmacy Prices

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by mrea

Sam’s Club Pharmacy Prices

Sam’s Club Pharmacy can offer huge savings to the consumer on prescription drugs, especially on generic medications. By price matching 30-day medications on the $4.00 list at Walmart, Target, and a variety of grocery store chains, their cash prices are rarely if ever beaten. If you don’t have insurance and a generic is not available, consider obtaining prices on their brand name medications as well. They are typically very competitively priced.

Buying in bulk can offer even larger discounts on these medications. Instead of buying 30 or even 90 days worth of medication at a time, find out how much it would be for 6 months or even a year. If you are taking the same medication every day and have been for the past several years (and assuming its working), why not load up one time. You’ll save yourself plenty of money, and several trips to the pharmacy as well.

With regards to membership at Sam’s Club, it is a federal rule that no one can be excluded from using a pharmacy due to membership. So that being said, anyone and everyone can use it. To get by the person at the front door checking for membership cards, simply state that you are there to use the pharmacy and they should let you in. If they don’t, ask another person. This is the law.

If you do have a membership to Sam’s Club, be sure to let the pharmacy team know. The pricing is even lower in some instances.

Are you trying to compare pricing on generic drugs? Save time and money by using our price comparison tool.

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