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Our Family Stories Make Us a Real and Unique Family

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by John Boden

Our Family Stories Make Us a Real and Unique Family

There are thousands of Smith, Jones, and even Boden families all over the world, but we all are sure that our family is not the same as any of those other families, even if their name is the same as ours. That's because no other family has lived the experiences of Our Family, the only family that means so much to us.

Remember the song "Oops, There Goes Another Rubber Tree Plant." The only way you can be sure you aren't going to be saying "Oops there goes ____" and more of our family stories, is to start collecting your family stories now.
Yes, this will take some work, but you will be repaid a thousand times over when you and your family come together to begin the process of telling your stories about the joys, the sorrows, the milestones, the achievements, and so much more. You will grow closer with each other as you share those things that have made you all the unique family that you are. There will be lots of laughing, maybe some crying, and other moments that will help you to learn some things you may have never understood. Just thinking about it makes me want to start telling my own family stories right here and now. (But relax, I won't.)

One source of help in this endeavor is The Living Legacy Project that has recently launched a national campaign. Their mission is to help families learn how to document the history of their elder family members before their stories pass on with them. I hope you will take a few minutes to learn about the project and then make a personal commitment to start collecting your own family stories.

You can join Living Legacy Project and learn how to begin building the legacy stories of your family. There are additional services available if you should want them, but you can learn the basics and get started now with no fees or cost. Learn More at:

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