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Get Over Your Fear of Exercising With 3 Simple Steps

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by Lisa Byrne

Get Over Your Fear of Exercising With 3 Simple Steps

Exercise is not designed to leave you in a sweaty, crumpled heap in the corner of the gym.

As a matter of fact what are you even doing in the gym?

Deciding to get active sounds great on paper. It can even release make believe endorphins in your brain when you think about your new ‘idea’.

The real work comes down to activating that idea, making it real. You know, doing it.

The key is... not, Just Do It, but to keep doing it.

But you can’t even get started because it’s daunting, you’re intimidated and you’re frozen.

This is where you stumble.  Activating those words on paper, those ideas in your head.

Napoleon Hill said “what your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”. You’re great at conceiving it and you truly believe it as long as it lives in your head. Getting started seems like the hardest thing. You’ll remain at rest until an external force acts upon you. Then you battle yourself to overcome this inertia. That’s where it becomes a problem.  All the sudden that great idea that you had becomes the very thing that you resist. You resist it because now you must activate that ‘idea’ and make it real. Sitting idle seems so much easier. But it’s not real and it isn’t a viable option for moving forward.

The real work comes in activating. It’s really nothing to fear. As a matter of fact, once you begin, almost instantly, you build into your self accountability bank, The Bank of You. From here you begin to make small deposits to build your account. Once you start ‘saving’ you instantly want to ‘save’ more because it feels good. Your ‘savings’ build up and this is what makes your account feel so nice. You did this!  And you can do it on a regular basis.

When you start to see positive growth with all you’ve put into yourself, penny by penny, your bank organizes around itself. In other words, it has the ability to grow because you decided to open an account. Getting it started seemed like the hardest part, didn’t it?  Once it gets rolling you want it to continue. Can you sense that? This desire comes without hard planning. It emerges. You’re fed by the results that accumulated over time. You want it to continue and see no other way.

Hey, what’s going on?

You’re building your self accountability bank and it feels good!
Looking back you can see that the hardest part of it all was actually starting. You finally decided to Just Do It and now you’re growing in a consistent forward direction, little by little.

The Bank of You can become something to be quietly proud of. Nobody can take that away from you. Telling people about the bank you’re building is fine, but don’t expect them to care deep enough to do back flips. They’ll forget about it shortly thereafter.

You’ll always be left with the stark reality of what you do on a consistent basis. You’re account is like a savings bank, but it can resemble the stock market in really good times. (Remember back when?) With your savings account you’re not risking anything.  You’re investing in yourself with a very high rate of return.

The Bank of You builds with small deposits over time.

Let’s start with a fair time frame, 21 days. Research shows us that  we can lay the groundwork to forming a new habit in about 21 days. It takes 3 times as long to establish that habit and integrate it into our life. Remember, you are laying the foundations for your new habit; yet, your old ways/habits don’t suddenly disappear. Allowing the old to dissolve while you integrate the new is a considerable amount of change.

It’s all about the adaptation. We have that ability to be wonderfully adaptive beings especially when overcoming fears of exercising.

If you look at the change in terms of your entire life ahead of you, you’re surely going to stumble right from the start. That’s the daunting part. Remember, if you’re frozen in fear, the possibilities lock up and you go nowhere.

All that you need to consider right now is the first 21 days of your new endeavor. Think about this initial process in 3 simple steps.

1. What’s holding you back from beginning to exercise?  Is it fear, pain, history of boredom, not knowing what to do, thinking you have no time, or simply hating it?

2. Can you begin with something very simple that involves only your body using no equipment and staying at home?

3. Do you have 3 minutes to do some whole body moves that will instantly give you more freedom and empowerment by infusing you with more oxygen, opening up your tight joints that have been junked up for too long?

Let’s get even more simple.

Here’s a 3 minute video below that will give you all of the above. Look ahead to your next 7 days. Do this video for 5 out of those 7 days.  See how you feel.

I’ll be back next week with your next layer.





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