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Five Items to Consider Before Getting Married or Re-Married

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by Sharon Lynn Wyeth

Five Items to Consider Before Getting Married or Re-Married

There are five areas that are important when considering marrying someone and since we ultimately marry someone we date, wouldn’t it be wise to look for people to date that agree with us in those areas? The five controversial areas are:

  1. Politics
  2. Religion
  3. Money
  4. Friends
  5. Children

So, let’s take these five areas one at a time. First is politics. Are you a liberal or a conservative? Are politics important to you? Are you active in politics or not? What are the core areas that are most important to you? Do you agree with your partner? Can you agree to disagree? Look at groups of letters together; do you have compatible letters or the same letters in the same general area of your name? Examples of compatible combinations are the ‘AR’ and the ‘OR’ as both want the world to be fair. Both of these combinations are known for standing up for the rights of others, only one finds it easy to stand up for self while the other combo does not.

Religion is equally important, as this is where people disagree the most and it affects how children are reared. There are several letter combinations that state how important religion can be for a person. The more ‘A’s in a name indicate the more spirituality is important versus being religious. When the first name ends in ‘A’, ritual can play an important role.

Where money is concerned, people are either spenders or savers. Either is okay as long as both partners feel the same. Both can be spenders as then neither mind when the other spends. Both can be savers, as then both do their best to be frivolous. However, problems always arise when one likes to spend and the other to save. Certain combinations love to have money, like the ‘NAN’ and Cindy’s. Some people are naturally frugal and others are not. This is a trait to discuss prior to marriage.

Both spouses come with their own set of friends. It is important that one is not expected to drop their friends in favor of the others. People with the ‘E’, ‘I’ and ‘U’ make friends easier than the other first vowels. Hence, if there is not enough time for everyone’s friends, be aware of who makes friends easier.

Both spouses need to agree on whether or not to have children, so that later one party is not pressuring the other. People with the first vowel ‘O’ are naturally nurturers while people with the first vowel ‘Y’ have the hardest time giving up their independence once children come into the picture. They can parent well, yet do better if they start later in life.

These are five important issues that ought to be agreed upon prior to marriage. Comparing the letters in both names indicates where compatibility rests and where potential concerns will pop up. The great news is that the answers to the potential problems are also located in the name. Chapter 13 in “Know the Name; Know the Person” shows how two names are compared.

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