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Does Your Name Sound Pleasant to the Ears?

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by Sharon Lynn Wyeth

Does Your Name Sound Pleasant to the Ears?

There are names that sound like honey and names that screech at us.  Some highly pleasant sounding names are Deirdre, Hope, and Melody.  Toxic sounding names are those with too many harsh sounds in them.  Do pleasant sounding names correlate to pleasant personalities?  Let’s dissect these three names so that you can decide.

  • Dierdre sounds literally dear, and the lead D in her name would make her highly connected with spirit. She is family oriented and gives most of her time to family. She’s an expert in her own field, generous with her time and loves physicality. She is expressive and outgoing, with a strong rebellious streak when she hears the word no.
  • Hope is also connected with spirit and loves to join the flow of positivity. She is a natural nurturer and caregiver. She does expect loyalty in return. Hope can be a pied piper and people willing follow her anywhere. She is generous with her time and able to juggle many responsibilities simultaneously. She always makes sure her friends are okay.
  • Melody is a fabulous listener as she hears what is said and what is not said. She has a way of understanding the root cause of difficulties and can pinpoint the underlying feelings. She is able to take care of herself and in turn has plenty left over to care for all the other people around her. She is a chameleon as she is able to get along with anyone she chooses. She can be nurturing, yet is highly selective where she spends her energy. She too is connected to spirit.


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