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Do we become our names, or do our names make us?

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by Sharon Lynn Wyeth

Do we become our names, or do our names make us?

Johnny Cash wrote his song declaring the name Sue made the man
strong. Do our names make us strong or weak? According to the website “your unfortunate names is making you lonely, stupid”. Is
that true? Do our names have that much power over us?  The Hawaiian
person who made headlines while doing so, changed his name to McLovin
in 1998, obviously thinks so.

According to a “study” of 12000 adults by the European dating
website eDarling, people who had “intrinsically” attractive names like
Alexander or Charlotte had 10% more hits on their name versus names
like “Kevin” or “Mandy”, which were considered “weird”.  So, let’s
look at some of the names that were considered better than others as
these names also indicate what a culture is treasuring at the moment
per Neimology® Science.

The name Alexander is one of a person who lives in their own
illusion and values their own way and sexuality more than another
person’s concerns. Just think of Alexander the Great.  The other
approved name was Charlotte.  Her name says that this individual makes
everything harder than it has to be.   Both names thrive on winning
unnecessary confrontations.

In contrast, the less liked names had names that indicated peace
was of a primary concern.  Kevin is a natural leader, has a great
sense of humor, a good memory and natural charisma. He wants to have
fun, not fight.  Mandy is an amiable person who works hard and wants
to make the world a better place, while believing in a power higher
than herself.  She is learning not to be manipulated by others.

So what is in a name that indicates a particular disposition
toward specific behaviors? Our subconscious remembers the names of
people where we have experienced unpleasant encounters even more so
than the names of people we interact with pleasantly.  We are more
cautious towards a person with a “negative” name than a positive,
however it is our interactions with people that have those names that
make the difference.

Neimology® Science was an eighteen year study on names that
indicated that the placement of the letters in the name do influence
our behaviors and determine our predispositions in behaviors.

Two reasons were presented on why names have such a powerful influence
on us, one religious and the other scientific.

Names give us insights into people that would take us much
longer to realize otherwise. It is advised to consider ones’ name
prior to dating a person or doing business with someone.


Respectfully submitted,
Sharón Lynn Wyeth
Authority on Names, Author and Speaker

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