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Dare to Take a Sabbatical: Dare to Take a Year Off To Travel

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by Adriane Berg

Dare to Take a Sabbatical: Dare to Take a Year Off To Travel

A sabbatical means different things to different people.Long regarded as the exclusive right of high level academics, perhaps to studyin furtherance of their scholarship, now all of us can consider the sabbatical to get a new lease on life. The foursome cover your psychological resistance to giving yourself time, creating space, putting your life in order, and eventually starting a new chapter in your life. But when they did their sabbatical journey, they personally choose travel as their purpose.

After reading the book “Reboot Your Life: Energize Your Career & Life By Taking A Break," written by four authors who call themselves the Sabbatical Sisters.  I was inspired by how they show the step-by-step process to taking time off and making a difference in your future. As well as being enriched by the hints and tips that are motivational and practical support to make your travel sabbatical dream a reality.

The authors shared insight on how they confronted the practical to taking obstacles a sabbatical of any length, and to any part of the globe. Their ultimate message is that it'sall in the planning. Having lived through a number of sabbaticals themselves, they discuss your post sabbatical life and how to make this more than simply an extended vacation.

In the end, even those with no intention of taking a sabbatical will journey through fundamental exercises that help sort out what is important to you in your life, who is important, and how you can envision a future far richer in life experience on a day-to-day basis than you imagined.Whether you actually take the sabbatical, or your REBOOT experience is solely avirtual emotional and cognitive trip, you will gain insights and energy from this book.

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