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Daddy Brightens My Morning

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by Natalie Caine, M.A.

Daddy Brightens My Morning

When papa comes up stairs to say, "GOOD MORNING, SWEETIE GIRL,” who wouldn't smile?
Isn't it the best feeling knowing someone loves you so much?

Sure, I frustrated papa because I didn't do what he asked and so he had to ask over and over like my red ball rolling down the steps.

I have made papa disappointed. I made him silent.

I made him feel badly about himself since he lost it with me and yelled and yelled.

I have made papa giggle, stand in a room and smile with a happy tear in one eye, and proud to chat about me with his family and friends.

My papa isn't a big wheel in the world. He isn't wealthy or super handsome. Isn't the team leader or most popular.

My papa is my good morning ignition and my nite nite safety. He's my teacher of unconditional love for real.

Papa is my bright flower that taught me to stand tall, just like this flower.

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