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Balancing Effect of Himalayan Crystal Salt on Blood Pressure and Heart Circulatory Diseases

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by Maryann Holden

Balancing Effect of Himalayan Crystal Salt on Blood Pressure and Heart Circulatory Diseases

Water and Salt are the two most important substances in regulating metabolic functions of our body. They are energizing and activating our body functions.

Essentially, every cell in the human body is dependent on the presence of sodium. Each cell in our body is like a small ocean containing salty water. Inside our cells we find primarily potassium. These two minerals, sodium and potassium need to be in constant, dynamic balance so the cells can exchange incoming energy with outgoing, depleted energy. Your body is constantly monitoring these minerals and working to maintain their delicate balance.
However when we talk about salt we don't have common table salt in mind, which is refined, processed, chemically altered and associated with strokes, calcium deficiency and osteoporosis, fluid retention, weight gain, stomach ulcers and stomach cancer, but Himalayan Crystal Salt.

Himalayan Crystal Salt is mined by hand from the buried deposits of a pristine primordial sea. When the Himalayan mountain range was formed, the degree of compression was so extreme that it created perfectly structured crystal grids within the salt. Because Himalayan Crystal Salt is hand-mined, hand-selected, hand-crushed, hand-washed, and sun dried, it retains its bio-energetic qualities...just as it was in the primordial sea 250 million years ago. 
The moment this living salt again touches water, an amazing thing occurs: the water is no longer water and the salt is no longer salt. The geometric structure of both the water and the salt changes to create an entirely new elixir called "Sole" (pronounced so-lay). 

Sole has the same energetic frequency as that ancient, pure priomordial sea. And since the blood in our bodies is a saltwater solution similar to the primordial sea, Sole made with Himalayan Crystal Salt "re-tunes" the body to its natural energy vibration of good health. 

Contrary to common table salt, sole is not aggravating high blood pressure but in fact, sole lowers the blood pressure within 15 minutes after ingestion. Those with low blood pressure will experience a rise. The fundamental attribute of sole is its ability to balance body functions, to restore balance! 

Usually people are advised to refrain from using salt in their diet. This is true for common table salt, but not for Himalayan Crystal salt with it's holistic, life giving properties. 
Heart and circulatory diseases - from high and low blood pressures, to calcification of the blood vessels or coronary heart disease - can be linked to an unhealthy life-style. Changing negative habits like smoking, poor nutrition, water deficiency, lack of exercise and stress are necessary to regain or maintain good health. Sole therapy will greatly support this process since it is capable of dissolving deposits in our blood vessels. (Please also keep in mind to drink lots of good quality water throughout the day to flush out those deposits!)

Here are some applications which can help to balance your blood pressure:

  • If you have high blood pressure start with 5 drops of sole mixed in 8 oz. of water and drinks this solution each morning on empty stomach. Increase the amount of concentrated sole each day by 1 drop till you've reached 15 drops on 8 oz. of water and maintain this dose.   
  • If you have low blood pressure mix 1 teaspoon of sole in 8 oz. of good quality water and drink it on empty stomach each morning.   
  • Replace common table salt with Himalayan Crystal Salt in your diet and refrain from using processed food which contains common table salt.   
  • Drink up to 6 pints of good quality water when having high blood pressure and at least 7 pints when having low blood pressure.   
  • Low blood pressure: massage your body with a brush which will increase circulation; prepare a 10% salt/water solution (6 teaspoons of fine Himalayan Salt on 34 oz. of water) and rub it onto your body and let it dry up.   
  • High blood pressure: prepare a 1% salt solution (2 teaspoons of salt on 34 oz. of water) and bath your forearms for app. 10-15 minutes several times a day.   
  • Once a week enjoy a Himalayan Crystal Salt bath!

The Healing Power of Sole (so-lay)
Preparation of Sole

Use a sealable glass container. Place several Himalayan Crystal Stones in it. (The stones should be covering about 1/4th of the glass jar.) Now pour high quality spring water (e.g. Mountain Valley Spring Water or Fiji Water) or artesian water into the jar until it is full. Place the lid on top of the jar and let the solution sit for 24 hours.

After 24 hours, take a look at the solution. There are two possibilities:
a)  All of the salt crystals are dissolved and you have no stones remaining at the bottom of the jar. In that case add a few more crystals and let the solution sit for another 24 hours, thus giving it time to saturate fully.
b)  There are salt crystals left at the bottom of the jar after the first 24 hours. This indicates that the solution is fully saturated at 26%, ready to use. (As a rule, there should always be salt crystals at the bottom of the jar. This is your visible indicator that the water is fully saturated with salt.)

The Sole is now ready for you to use. Every morning, take one teaspoon of the Sole and mix it into a glass of high quality spring or artesian water. The amount of water is up to you. That teaspoon of Sole is sufficient for your daily intake.

Take it on an empty stomach before having breakfast. Regularity is an important factor, so do make sure to remember taking your Sole daily.

From a biochemical viewpoint, the entire stomach as well as the intestines will be stimulated within minutes, thus encouraging digestion and metabolism. In case the cleansing effect turns out to be too intense for you, you can reduce the amount of Sole to a couple of drops rather than a teaspoon per day. This depends on your individual judgment and constitution.

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