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An unusual read and more…

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by Rebecca Dengler

An unusual read and more…
Photo courtesy Rebecca Dengler

I am often asked which golf books to read.  My book reading selection is a little unusual for a Golf Professional. I do not include many of the classics of the game like Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf or Search for the Perfect Swing, Cochran/Stobbs.  While these are unarguably revered in the game and popular with the teachers and players, in my opinion may not be the best read to help you play the game better. These books are dated in that they do not provide us with the most accurate picture of the golf swing currently due to the fact that technology has advanced our ability to look and analyze the swing since they were written.

So what books do I feel may help players play the game better?  The above book is very properly titled.  In this, their third book, Lynn Marriott and Pia Nilsson look at more than just the mechanics such as grip and stance. They present 8 essential playing skills for players to consider to improve their game.  These skills include topics such as tension, balance, and making decisions and commitments in order to play better. The duo’s earlier books are The Game Before the Game , helping players practice more effectively and Every Shot Must Have a Purpose.  The latter book avoids the endless mechanics of how to swing the club.

Another great book, especially for the frustrated players, in Extraordinary Golf by Fred Shoemaker. This book is a jewel that shows players “the art of the possible” and assists them in ultimately coaching themselves  and experiencing more joy in the game. Fred has followed up his classic with Extraordinary Putting, which help players increase their awareness at the skill that accounts for up to a third of the score!

For women learning the game of golf, Women’s Guide to Golf by Susan Comolli Davis, is a great road map to lead women through all the areas of the game. Rock Solid Golf  by Dana Radar is also a guide for players who want the good fundamental skills like grip, and set up.

Enjoy your summer golf reading!

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I have read most of these books and they are excellent.  None of them are difficult to understand and have lots of ideas to use that can be tried out very easily.  It’s great to see a golf article that’s not all about just the mechanics of the game.  Thanks Becky for the great information

by on August 07, 2012 08:28AM
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