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Advanced Directives Again! No Excuses Allowed!

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by John Boden

Advanced Directives Again! No Excuses Allowed!

If you do not have a Living Will and other advanced directives stop making excuses and do it now. If you do have advanced directives make the commitment to ask at least two people if they have Living Wills, and if they don't, impress on them how important this document could become to them their loved ones.

I have written a number of Caregiver Tips about advanced directives over the years and it will always be an important issue for me. Too many times in my role as Care Manager I had to watch as people at the end of their lives had to suffer the indignity of useless and extravagant care stretching a life for a few more days while they suffered and their families agonized as they watched what could have been a peaceful and natural life process being turned into a suffering and unpleasant end to someone's life.

I hope you will never have to participate in this process that is heart breaking every time. So I will continue to beat the drum and call you to action.

Please make your own Living Will and ask at least two more people to do the same on April 16th the 5th anniversary of National Healthcare Decisions Day.

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John, where can I get a Living Will form and an Advanced Directive form?

by on May 18, 2012 02:50PM
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