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30 Top Tips and Tricks to up Your Happy

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by Natalie Caine, M.A.

30 Top Tips and Tricks to up Your Happy

Acceptance is possible when you notice that the change you wanted in someone you love isn't showing up.  No one is happy every day all day long, so that is a relief for the part of you that likes perfection and fantasy.  Here is what the people in our groups shared that boosted their happy:

1.  Shift your thinking to a positive thought verses spinning what didn't happen that you really wanted.
2. Grieve for sure, a loud or soft weeping, talk about it and nurture yourself in the disappointment. It hurts when talking can't make a change between two people.
3. Get moving, even if it is around your home, like cleaning a drawer or two or putting the clothes you haven't worn in a year in a to go donation bag.
4. Remind yourself what you do appreciate about your personality.
5. Play music at home.
6. Do something in the arts that ups your creativity.
7. Have a do nothing scheduled day and night.
8. Think about what would be outside your box and go for it.
9. Write thank you notes.
10. Go to an afternoon movie.
11. Write all that you have done that made people happy.  Make a list and read that list....It takes five minutes and your happy will be on again.
12. Cook for your neighbor.
13. Walk your neighbor's dog for them.
14.  What can you do today to feel better?
15. Remind yourself this feeling won't last forever.  It is a feeling and not a life.
16. Sit outside at a park with coffee or tea.
17.  Buy a scent like lavender or pine that you could spray to refresh.
18. Start your day doing what is fun first and then the to do list.
19. Take a half day class and see if you like it.
20. Invite someone or two is a good thing.
21. Ask for help. You forget to do that and you would help someone if they asked.
22.  Get out of your neighborhood to a new one for a mini get away. 
23. Get something delivered to you, like dinner, fruit basket.
24.  Watch a U Tube of Kids playing.
25.  Freshen up with a roll on scent.
26.  Plan a trip and ask a friend to plan with you.
27.  Send an email to friends asking them what makes them happy when not feeling so happy for days.
28.  What is the deeper meaning of your life besides for the roles you play?
29.  What memory from childhood makes you happy?
30.  Ask the wise part of you, within, to share what would lift your spirits today.

Happiness collapses and stands tall again and again.  You have a full range of choices, feelings, thoughts, and inner parts to you.  You simply need a reminder, a hand to hold, which includes your own, and the decision to make your life ok without having answer , yet. Weep when you feel the tears, using the softest Kleenex you can buy. 

Take good care,

Change is inevitable. Get Ready. Get Support. Life transitions need a hand to hold.

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