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10 Reasons Why Boomers and Seniors Love Netflix

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by Jim Blue

10 Reasons Why Boomers and Seniors Love Netflix
  1. One monthly fee  lets you watch as many movies as you want
  2. Movies on Demand – You can watch a movie anytime you want either on your TV, computer, or smartphone (iphone, android, etc.).
  3. No need to leave home.
  4. No late fees.
  5. Large selection of movies in multiple categories including classics that you may have missed or want to see again.
  6. A large library of past TV shows.  You can watch multiple episodes of a series in a row.
  7. Cheaper than subscribing to all the premium movie channels from your cable provider.
  8. Can’t sleep, watch a movie.
  9. You can search for a movie or TV show by category, title, or actor/actress.
  10. No Commercials.

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